Funky Pumpkin We Hardly New You--Boulevard's Updated 2017 Release Calendar

Have we reached Peak Pumpkin? Given the massive explosion of pumpkin beers this season and with Boulevard's updated 2017 release calendar I think we may have--Boulevard will no longer be producing Funky Pumpkin OR Funkier Pumpkin next year. Boulevard already announced a while back that Funky Pumpkin wasn't going to be making a return, but had said that Funkier Pumpkin (the jazzed up version of Funky Pumpkin) would be getting released again in September 2017. But they just released a revised 2017 calendar and Funkier Pumpkin is not planned for release.

This is just a revision of the previously released 2017 calendar, so I won't go into a long lament on beers gone by and the craziness of craft brewery turnover these days, but I wanted to give you all a quick update on the changes from the previous 2017 calendar release.

Funkier Pumpkin is by far the biggest update. Other changes include:

  • Changeling Dark Sour is a new limited release beer planned for May 2017 *Update--Changeling Dark Sour is actually just the new name for the Barrel Aged Blend planned with the original 2017 Release Calendar. The name was added to this release calendar update to avoid confusion with the Barrel Aged Blend Collaboration #6 released a few weeks ago.*
  • Barrel Aged Blend originally planned for a May 2017 limited release was instead released as Collaboration #6 a few weeks ago. (See the note above)
  • Hibiscus Gose was moved from the "Sour Series" to the "Seasonal" series. This means that there won't be any new summer seasonal next year as was originally planned, and it also means that Hibiscus Gose will get a longer run (April-August) than if it had been hemmed in between Show Me Sour and Berliner Weisse in the Sour Series (May-July). 
  • Milk Stout will be named Tough Kitty Milk Stout
  • Imperial Pilsner will be named Nobel Prize Imperial Pilsner

Overall these all seem like positive updates unless you were a fan of Funk/Funkier Pumpkin. If you are, go out and buy as much as you can find because it's the last you'll get of it! Here's the updated full release calendar (click the image for a larger view).

Boulevard's Updated 2017 Release Calendar

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