Short Pours - 8/28/14

(photo: Flying Saucer KC)


BrewDog has landed in KC! This one kind of caught me off guard as I didn't even realize you could get BrewDog in America. Shows how super clued in I am on this stuff... For now, they've got 5 beers in town, the Punk IPA, Hardcore IPA, Libertine Black Ale, Dogma Scotch Ale, and 5 A.M. Saint. Sorry, no Tactical Nuclear Penguin yet.

Flying Saucer has had them on tap since Tuesday, Martin City is tapping today, and Bier Station is having a BrewDog event on Monday.

Apparently BrewDog also has a reality TV show. Surprisingly, it appears that guys look nothing like the Duck Dynasty people*.

Edit: There's been some questions about retail sales of BrewDog in liquor stores. Central States has confirmed that there will be some bottles going out to liquor stores starting on September 9th, but the supply be very very limited. They also estimate that they will have delivered all of their kegs to bars by the end of next week. Better go get your fix on when you can, because it might be a while before we get more in town.


Pumpkin Beers

Some breweries got confused and released their pumpkin beers two months early. Moving on. 

Oktoberfest Beers

Oktoberfest season approaches and märzens are showing up all over the place. Bob's 47 should be on store shelves on both sides of the state line by now. A few years ago, I probably would have told you to buy as much of that as you can afford, but anymore Bob's has some serious local competition. Free State Octoberfest was released about a week ago and it's excellent (except the spelling). Then again, the KC Bier Co Festbier might just blow all the others away. It will be available mid-September. And who knows, maybe even Urban Chestnut will make it over here in time for the party... 

Irish Fest - Aug. 29 - 31

Coming up this weekend is Irish Fest at Crown Center. Not a beer event, per se, but always a good excuse to drink as much Guinness and Jameson as humanly possible. Boulevard will also be hosting tasting sessions on Friday and Saturday and there will be whiskey tastings as well. 

The sessions will be an hour long, with a 30 minute presentation, and a 15 minute Q&A with some of the brewers. The beers on sample will include Hibiscus Gose, Ginger-Lemon Radler, Duvel, Ommegang Three Philosophers, and La Chouffe. Guess there won't be any sampling of Boulevard Dry Stout...RIP. 

You've got to buy tickets in advance, and they're separate from the GA Irish Fest Tickets. The single day GA tickets are $10 and the tasting sessions are an extra $10. 

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