Duvel-Moortgat Officially Acquires KCBeerBlog

News Release - We are happy to announce that Duvel-Moortgat - the purveyors of fine upscale malt beverages like Duvel, Maredsous, Ommegang, and Boulevard - has officially acquired KC Beer Blog to integrate further into the local beer scene. We're excited that we'll have the opportunity to help promote their portfolio here on the blog. 

But we will remain a neutral party as all paid people in journalism do - because we're journalists here. We promise to continue writing only objective stories that are thoughtful, well-researched, and completely free of bias - about the beverage that gets you drunk. The only difference now is our paycheck will be signed by some Flemish guy.

We're in talks about moving to Belgium as it would put us closer to our new overlords - but I've been told that Belgium is not in America and I'm not sure I'm down with that. But I promise that even from a remote location will we be able to cover the Kansas City beer scene at personal level - it'll be like we never left.

So, please excuse us while I go find out how many Belgian Doubloons it will take for me to fill the swimming pool I'm having put in my backyard.

You can read the full press release -  here.

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