New Year's Resolution

As most of you probably know, the Beerblog has some shiny new contributors as of a few months ago, myself being one. Since we're still so fresh and full of energy, we've got all kinds of ideas for the Beerblog. However, since we all work full time jobs to pay the bills, things move pretty slowly around here. Even so, we set ourselves a lofty New Year's resolution: end the perpetual sausage party that we're stuck in. It's high time we get more females around here in the blogosphere. We need more women in the community as a whole, really. It's time to get some new perspectives on craft beer. I know for a fact that ladies are better at judging and tasting beer than us olfactory-challenged men. Also, sometimes it's just nice to have some girls around instead of spending all night trying to out-man each other by drinking stronger beer than the next guy.

Ninkasi must have smiled upon us because we have already fulfilled our one and only resolution. We're excited to welcome our newest and first ever female contributor--Kim Carrington! Kim is the co-founder of Helles Angels – KC, a beer appreciation group for women. Her gateway beer was Guinness, which she discovered when she tried a friend’s pint. Despite him telling her she wouldn't like it (an all too common occurrence) she declared, "Beer can taste like this?" She has been a beer geek ever since. She moved to Kansas City from Minnesota in 2004, although the accent still surfaces occasionally. She lives with her husband and cat, homebrews and enjoys beer travel. Also, she is apparently terrified of clowns!

Here's to hoping there aren't any clowns turning up in the comments section.

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