Short Pours - 10/21/13

Boulevard's Foeder Projekt #1 Hits Local Draft Lines

It was rumor a while back that Boulevard had obtained a wooden foeder, a 1,860 gallon vessel typically used to age wine, and we now know that to be true. The beer they put in it six months ago was originally intended to be part of the blend that would be the next Love Child release - but after tasting it they decided it was good enough on it's own. You can read Boulevard's own blog post on the beer, but long story short it's a golden sour with almost double the lactic acid content when compared to Love Child #3.

As of today it went out to distributors and is available at many local haunts already. Central States put out lists of locations that they offered the beer and so they will likely have it on draft sometime in the near future - they have separate lists for both Missouri, and Kansas. This doesn't necessarily mean these places have it on tap at this very moment, but Flying Saucer tweeted that they do have it available now, if you just got to have.

With bars like Tanner's on the list, your dad is sure to have a glass sometime soon and hate it.

Shelton Brothers Return To Missouri

It has been a few years since beers like Jolly Pumpkin, Mikkeller, Fantome, or Cantillon have been seen on the shelves - that was due the well known importer, Shelton Brothers, discontinuing their distributorship in Missouri.

In announcement via STLHops last week, the Shelton Brothers will be coming back into Missouri and we should hopefully be seeing their beers on shelves before the end of the year. They will likely hit the shelves and be immediately bought up making the rest of us with traditional 9-5 jobs extremely upset - I can't wait.

I also have it on good word that Prairie Artisan Ales will be coming into Missouri via Shelton Brothers - something I am terribly excited about.

3rd Annual Westport Strong Ale Fest Tickets On-Sale

If you've been waiting to grab tickets to BeerKC's Strong Ale Fest, they're now available on-line and soon in-person at McCoy's. The festival is scheduled for November 16th from 1pm-5pm and are $30 in-advance or $35 day-of. Last year was a great showing from what I can remember, I can only expect the same for this year. The brewery list is available over on their facebook event page. I'll likely be there, and if you don't see me there then you can look for me afterward at Port Fonda sweating while eating tacos.

New Blog Contributors

"Dead Blog is dead" wrote someone in the comments of the last blog post that was written more than a month ago - well I'm sorry sir or ma'am but I'm going to make a liar out of you. The blog is back. Over the next couple weeks you'll get to meet the new additions to the KCBeerblog team - and I promise we'll be more vocal than you care to hear. This post was brought to you by Kyle, you can follow me on twitter @kylefblack - sorry Mom.

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