Short Pours - 8/19/13

Save the date for Strong Ale Fest

Mark your calendars; on Friday, BeerKC announced that their 2013 Strong Ale Fest will take place on Saturday, November 16th from 1-5pm. No further details regarding the attending breweries or how to purchase tickets have been announced, but once they are, we will be sure to post them here.

Burg & Barrel offers up Burger Grease Ale

Gracing KC with the most unappealing beer name ever, I noticed that Overland Park's Burg & Barrel is now offering up their own house beer, Burger Grease Ale. Like Minsky's Burlesque Lager, this beer is contract brewed through Flying Monkey. Apparently it's been tapped for a couple months now and I somehow missed it, but at only $2 a pint and $5 for a 60 ounce pitcher, I figured I'd throw it on here in case it was news to anyone else and they wanted to give it a shot.

75th Street Brewery anniversary week

75th Street kicked off their anniversary with the Summer Beer Fest on Saturday, but they also have a number of beer-related events this week to celebrate:

Tuesday, 8/20 - Buy an Imperial Stout, get anniversary glassware at a special price, and the bottle release of Juniors Barrel.

Wednesday, 8/21 - Tabletop Randalling

Thursday, 8/22 - 75 cent pints

Friday, 8/23 - Speakeasy party with firkins

Saturday, 8/24 - End of a Dream bottle release

Sunday, 8/25 - Drawing for a chance to win a trip for 2 to the GABF, free beer for a year, or a $100 75th Street Brewery gift card.

Perennial Peach Berliner Weisse at Foundry

Tomorrow night at 6pm, Perennial Artisan Ales brewmaster and owner Phil Wymore will be on hand at The Foundry to tap their Peach Berliner Weisse. In case you want to step up your Berliner Weisse game even more, hand-crafted Schuss Syrups will also be available.  As is the case with most of Perennial's offerings, this is an excellent beer and I highly recommend checking this out if you haven't tried it yet.

Bob's 47 hits shelves tomorrow

The pumpkin beers and Oktoberfests have already been rolling out a steady pace, and Boulevard joins the club tomorrow as Bob's 47 begins to hit shelves. Look for it to begin appearing at stores and bars around KC over the next week or two.

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