Stone Enjoy By 12.21.12 to KC

The people have spoken, and Stone heard you loud and clear; Enjoy By IPA will be heading to Missouri, along with 11 other states/regions, in the next round of shipments, . Trusty Missouri Stone rep Nate informed me that we can expect to see this beer hit Kansas City shelves on November 19th or 20th.

However, the fun with 'Enjoy By' doesn't stop at drinking it. Stone is utilizing social media to measure how excited people are about the beer, and in turn, this excitement will determine if and when future shipments of Enjoy By make it to that respective state or region. If you visit, you'll see that the most recent states that received shipments, Colorado and Ohio, have 'Enjoy-O-Meters', which are measuring the amount of conversation around the beer by scraping for the hashtags #EnjoyBy and #CO or #OH, respectively, on Facebook and Twitter.

So, when Enjoy By 12.21.12 reaches Kansas City, drink it and be loud on Twitter and Facebook (I really can't imagine this will be difficult for most of us) to increase our chances of getting this beer back in our city. And since the distribution area includes the entire state of Missouri, it means we will need to band together (begrudgingly, for some of you) with our beer brethren in Columbia, St. Louis, Springfield, etc. to ensure that we can enjoy Enjoy By again.

Just a couple weeks left to wait, so practice your hashtagging (#EnjoyBy #MO) and get ready for Enjoy By IPA! And if you aren't on Twitter or Facebook, I guess you'll just have to live with the guilt of knowing you let everybody down. Cheers!

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