Boulevard/Children's Mercy Holiday Hero Giveaway

Beer and charity are pretty neat on their own, so when the two are combined, it's always a beautiful thing.

Founded in 1988, the Children's Mercy Holiday Hero Campaign is a yearly effort to raise money for the Children's Mercy Cancer Center. Each year approximately 180 newly diagnosed pediatric cancer patients are treated here, and support from this campaign helps the center continue to provide the highest level of care and treatment toward patients and their families.

This year, Boulevard is the first Holiday Hero Partner of the Week, and they are offering up a pretty fantastic giveaway, taking place this week only. Up for grabs is a dozen bottles from their 2012 Smokestack collection, which includes rarities and limited releases like Terra Incognita, Love Child #1 and Love Child #2, among many others. Signing up for your chance to win is simple; just text the word HEALTHY to 50555 and you'll be texted back with a URL to submit your information and win. Before you enter, you are given the opportunity to submit with a $5 donation to the campaign, which I HIGHLY recommend. It's not mandatory, but if you win, $5 is a small price to pay for that prize, and if you don't win, you are giving $5 to a great local organization and important cause.

As I mentioned, this is only running this week, and the winner is announced on Monday, so quit wasting time,  get out your phone and enter. And seriously, donate the $5 or I'll come punch you in the ear.

Visit the Children's Mercy Holiday Hero Campaign Facebook page to find out more and see what else they have coming up.

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