Clips of Faith Kansas City

Tonight, Clips of Faith, New Belgium's third annual event that blends film, beer, and non-profit support, makes its way to Kansas City for an evening of fan-created entertainment and craft beer. Debating on whether or not to go? Check out the full details of the event below and see if it helps sway your decision. And on a side note, the weather is supposed to clear up this afternoon, with temperatures in the low 60s, so it will be great weather for being outside.

The Basics: Clips of Faith starts tonight at 7 PM at Theis Park, which is located off 47th and Oak, across from the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Click here for a map. Films begin at dark, and the event runs until 10:30.

The Pre-Party: Head to The Riot Room at 5:30 for $3 New Belgium Shifts, then if you are on a bike, a group will ride over to Theis Park for Clips of Faith.

The Films: From New Belgium - The Clips of Faith films embrace many genres, including comedic shorts, animation and environmental documentaries. Some of the selected films for the 2012 tour include: The Canning Queen of the Desert: Classie Parker, a tale about deep conversations in the kitchen; DamNation, highlighting the controversy over water rights in the west; and Foxy Shazam – Unstoppable, a film entirely created with old school theater trickery, puppeteering and black light.

The Beer: Beers can be purchased for $1.25 for a 3 ounce sample, or $5 for a full 12 ounce beer. The list of available beers includes standard New Belgium year-round offerings plus Lips of Faith selections and the New Belgium/Lost Abbey collaboration beer. Choices include:

Belgo IPA
Blue Paddle
Fat Tire
LOF Biere de Mars
LOF Cocoa Molé
LOF La Folie
LOF Tart Lychee
New Belgium/Lost Abbey Collaboration Mo Betta Bretta (100% Brettanomyces)

In addition to the beer offerings above, food will also be available for purchase, provided by The Farmhouse and All Star Pizza and Pub.

The Benefit:  Clips of Faith Kansas City will benefit BikeWalk KC, a local non-profit that promotes a healthy, safe and accessible outdoor experience. They are a member-supported organization that offers bike build nights, workshops on confident city cycling, and various other classes and programs with the goal of making Kansas City a safer and more accessible place to walk, cycle, live, work and play.

What To Bring:

- ID proving you are 21 (obviously)
- Low chairs or blankets, but no higher chairs unless you want to sit in the back
- CASH. This event is CASH ONLY
- You are welcome to bring in food if you would prefer not to buy food from the vendors mentioned above
- Pets are welcome as long as they are kept under control, leashed and by your side

So there you have it. Clips of Faith should be a great opportunity to sample some beers ($5 for a 12 ounce serving of Cocoa Molé or La Folie? Yes please.), check out some unique independent films, and help a local cause. If there's anything I missed, you can check out details on the Clips of Faith website. If you have any questions, I'd suggest hitting up any of the local New Belgium social media pages:

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