B4TW - Bell's Hopslam Ale

An obvious choice for Beer for the Weekend? Maybe. But after just having a lunch Hopslam at Flying Saucer, I was reminded of how great this beer is. It's like this beer punches you in the face with bitter hops, then wipes away your tears with delicious honey and citrus (this may be the beer talking).  With a buzz and anticipation second only to Boulevard Chocolate Ale at the moment, this is a beer that people have been asking liquor stores and bars about for weeks (and for some obsessive people, probably even months). And although it's not available on store shelves yet, there are plenty of bars that will be tapping Hopslam over the next few days, giving you an opportunity to partake in this limited treasure now, before the Black Friday-esque retail battle begins.

Here's the rundown of where you can get Hopslam and when:

Flying Saucer: Already tapped, go get it now. They will also be tapping a firkin of Hopslam on Monday starting at 7, tickets go on sale at 6 and are required.

Foundry: Tapping at 4 PM today

Martin City Brewing Company: Announced they would be tapping this weekend

Smokehouse Barbecue (Zona Rosa): Announced they would be tapping this weekend

Waldo Pizza: Said they would be tapping on or around January 31st, with updates to come on their Facebook page. Maybe if you go harass them enough, they will end up tapping it this weekend. Worth a shot, right?  Update: you must have harassed them enough, Hopslam is on tap NOW at Waldo Pizza!

So there you have it, from downtown out to Martin City, you should be able to find somewhere relatively close where you can get Hopslam on tap. Details on when it will be available in liquor stores are still a little fuzzy, so it might be worth going and getting your fill now in case you aren't able to get any in bottles when it finally hits.

If I get any new information regarding bars that are tapping Hopslam this weekend, I will be sure to update this post accordingly. In the meantime, map out your plans to hit up one of the venues on the list above, because Hopslam is your beer for the weekend.

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