A Swift Kick to the Rumpkin

There are a couple notable beers available right now in Kansas City that I thought would be worth putting up a quick post for.

75th Street Brewery originally released their limited edition Swift Kick on November 25th, but sold out of bottles. Well luckily they announced today that more bottles are now available. Swift Kick is described as a double honey brown aged in bourbon whiskey barrels. While I haven't tried this beer yet, I was able to try their last limited release, Barrel Betty, and really enjoyed it. Stop by 75th Street Brewery to pick one of these up, and do it soon, I'm sure this batch will sell out quickly as well.

Also, the VERY limited Avery Rumpkin is starting to show up in bars around town. Flying Saucer has it available, and I've been informed that Martin City Brewing Company expects to get some in today, albeit in very small quantities and I don't know exactly what time it will be coming in. Either way, if you are interested in heading out to grab some, it may be worth calling ahead to make sure it is still around, as I'm sure it will sell fast in the bars just as it did in stores. I was fortunate enough to grab one of the bottles from Royal, and while I wasn't sure what to think about it after the first couple sips, as I continued to drink it the beer really came together and is something pretty unique. Plus a 12 ounce bottle will give you a pretty significant buzz at almost 16% ABV.

If you are out and about today in any of these areas, I'd suggest stopping in to grab a bottle of one of these beers, because they won't be around for long.

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