Love Child, we hardly knew ye

I know what I was thinking yesterday and I'm sure many of you had the same thought: LOVE CHILD!!!! and others reported that Boulevard had received label approval for Love Child No. 1, a Wild Ale brewed with Lactobacillus, Brettanomyces and cherries that was aged in Bourbon barrels for a year. While whispers about the Love Child Series have been heard around Boulevard for quite some time, these beers have never been released to the public. For one brief moment it looked like our luck had changed, but alas, the wait continues.

From Julie Weeks, Boulevard's Marketing Communications Manager:

"The 'Love Children' are beers from a new branch of the Smokestack Series family tree that explore the wilder side of of our barrel aging program. Each release will feature varying amounts of funk, sour, or fruit characteristics that are gaining popularity among beer enthusiasts. The label recently approved by TTB revealing 'Love Child No. 1' is for a first run, pre-release batch that we experimented with. Because the barrel-aged brew is such a small amount, we won't be able to release it to the public. Instead you'll see it continue to appear at brew fests, beer dinners, and in other sampling or sharing opportunities. Don't fret, however — we've already been filling barrels with larger batches, in the hopes that sometime soon another offspring will emerge and we will be able to share the funk with all who desire it."

So there you have it. On the bright side, while these beers aren't quite ready yet, they are finally getting closer to public release. If you're a Wild Ale nut like I am, that's pretty damn exciting.

Hopefully that clears up a few things about Love Child, but now you're probably wondering who I am. Well, I'm Brad. I was born and raised in Kansas City, dove into beer geekery during college at MU and got involved in the beer industry in Denver. I have spent several years selling beer on the retail side and now I work for a local beer distributor. I hope that makes me a knowledgeable blogger, not a biased stooge, but I'll let you be the judge.

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