Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beering Mission Farms

So, last night after walking half a mile trick or treating with the kids, telling them to slow down, say thank you, keep out of the street, etc.. Then getting home and telling them only one piece of candy, okay, one more but that's it, why did you open that, it's too much, get on your pajamas, etc. Then settling in my chair with a beer, the Chiefs game and Facebooking and emailing, Stella starts gabbing at me. All I hear, while I watch Phil Rivers throw 2 interceptions in 5 minutes (Phil's my fantasy QB, my other one was Jason Campbell, needless to say, my season's done) is Stella saying words like "Mission Farms", "Los Cabos", "Avenues Bistro", "Lakeside Tavern". None of these words apply to me so I was making like Billy Chapel and clearing the mechanism. Not until I started to hear words like Green Flash Red, Tank 7, Free State and 23rd Street Crimson Red and I began to pay attention.

After catching up a little, I learned that Lakeside Tavern is opening today in Mission Farms in the old Los Cabos spot (10551 Mission Rd). It's run by the folks that brought you Avenues Bistro. Stella found a menu online and it seems to be the Avenues version of a sports bar or a gastropub. The menu looks okay, a little crowded, but adult tator tots (tots filled with bacon and gruyere served with house aoili) and polenta fries with jalapeno cilantro pesto aoili sound like just the food I could get behind. Burgers, sandwiches, steak and fish and chips round out the menu.

But, what really stands out, especially for Leawood, is the draft beer list. Left Hand Milk Stout,  Schlafly APA, Tank 7, Tallgrass Oasis, Free State Seasonal, 23rd Street Crimson Phog Red Ale are just a few of the 20 taps.   I'm not sure of any other places in town with a 23rd Street beer on tap, and based on what I had at Beerfest from them, I'm more than willing to try some more. Being in Mission Farms with Blanc, itself a pretty great beer destination, it seems if you're in the Leawood area you may consider Mission Farms as a beer destination.

I hate to be pedantic, but Lakeside Tavern isn't really lakeside. Pondside doesn't really have the caché that Lakeside has. Don't even get me started on Mission Farms. But despite the name, Lakeside Tavern may very well be the best place to get a beer, watch some sports and get some good food in Leawood. Not many of those places exist in that area. I'm happy to see Lakeside Tavern get in on the action.


  1. Mission Farms has focused on becoming the destination for local restaurants' suburban outposts. Room 39, blanc, Blue Koi, Avenues, and now Lakeside have spaces there. The Real Housewives of Leawood and their $250 jeans may surround you and pummel you to death with their inane conversations, but if you're out that way it's probably your best bet for food (and now beer perhaps).

  2. One of the highlights of every week is taking my kids to dance on Wednesday evenings. I sit quietly in the waiting room reading my book while The Real Housewives of Johnson County gab about all the restaurants of Johnson County. The current favorite of these women is Urban Table. Not one time has any restaurant in Missouri or north of 95th Street ever been mentioned. This is at a dance place near my house which is quite a bit north of 95th Street. I've never understood why people from this area would choose to go south for dinner. It makes no sense.

    That being said, I'll probably eat at this place within the week.

  3. It doesn't really change your point, but Urban Table is in Corinth (83rd St or so). I'm going to check out the Lakeside Tavern soon as well.

  4. Like the Death Star, Leawood is protected by a tractor beam. Normally this beam of acute pretense all but destroys good beer and the culture which sustains and nourishes it. But every so often I hear of brave outposts which proudly serve what we like to call real beer.

    I will always hate Leawood, but now I know where a cold pint of Milk Stout can turn my frown upside down. And besides, Leawood=close to Royal Liquor. Wow, we're up to 2 things in Leawood which don't suck or reinforce the nefarious and tired JoCo stereotype!

  5. Mission Farms is like an Oasis. Blanc, Natasha's (only place in town with Macarons?), this place now and Blue Koi which while I hesitate to call it Chinese food is what I imagine PF Chang's would be like if they cared and/or tried. It almost makes me not hate working in Kansas.

    There are actually a lot of great restaurants in OP (Fridas, Choga etc) but they are so spread out.

  6. I think Leawood should invest some of that white people money into new signage at their city limits that says, "Leawood: Haters gonna hate."

  7. They are spending it all at Trader Joe's in MO bro.