Monday, September 19, 2011

Sully's Sullied

Stella and I had some free time Saturday afternoon and I wanted to give Sully's a shot. In case you don't know, and you wouldn't if you never go to Mission, Sully's is the bar that took over the rat hole that was JJ's Other Place. Drinking in Mission, KS can rarely be a good experience outside of RJ's Bob-be-que. Pretty much every place is a dive and anything outside of big macro and Boulevard Wheat is impossible to get on draft. But, I'd heard that Sully's was trying to sell better beer and that was enough to get me in the door.

Sully's was definitely a step up from JJ's Other Place. It was clean and nice looking, had a couple of real nice dartboards and a very nice shuffleboard game. We found a place to sit in front of the TV showing the Rays-Red Sox game. I've been enjoying the Red Sox collapse for the past couple of weeks so I spent a lot of time with the Rays and Red Sox over the weekend. Then the lone bartender came over to our table to take our order, a couple of Bob's 47's (on tap). Of the 8 taps at Sully's, only 3 are of the macro variety and the light version of each of the major brands. The other 5 were Boulevard Pale Ale, Bob's, Ranger IPA, Fat Tire, Free State Ad Astra and something else.

The very nice and bubbly bartender Carrie brought our beers over in Mason jars. It was a little dark in there so I saw the Mason jar and asked if it was a Lagunitas Mason jar and she said "No, we just got them down the street, but we have Lagunitas." I was taken aback by an actual answer that reflected that Carrie had beer knowledge and sourcing knowledge, though we were left with the burning question of where down the street. Sure enough the Mason jars were the Ball's brand that you can buy at Target or Hy-Vee (both down the street). They weren't ideal glassware because of the little ridge where the lid screws on is always in the way, but still a nice glass choice for the place. If you're really thirsty you can get a 32 oz. Mason jar that looks like a big pickle jar. I kind of wish I'd gotten that, the bartender did ask me when I ordered "pint or quart". It's been a while since I ordered a quart of beer.

The Rays were winning and we discussed whether they get their menu items frozen from Costco or Sysco. Mini corndogs scream Costco, but the brand of frozen pizza they advertise is not found at Costco. I think it was Sysco, but it doesn't matter, don't eat there. We were aware of the 4 people sitting at the table next to us. I had noticed they were all drinking bottled beer of those beers that were on tap, mildly annoying me. They all 4 went outside to smoke at one point (they have a very nice little smoking patio out back) leaving their purses and phones asking Carrie to make sure no one walks out with their stuff. I thought that was nice and kind of symbolized what you would want in a neighborhood bar, then I gathered their belongings and left. Anybody wanna buy a phone?

Okay, we didn't really take their stuff, but we very easily could have because Carrie went out front to smoke. When she came back I got a bottle of Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' just to show my support. The gang of 4 came back in and we learned one of their names, Meredith. I'm so glad I learned her name because it gives the story a more personal touch. In the middle of telling some story that I wasn't paying attention to, I just know she was talking, Meredith belched. It was loud and gross and wildly inappropriate. Sure, Meredith said excuse me immediately to her friends, but what about the 2 people sitting at the table next to her? What about the 2 dudes at the bar? I have 3 kids so I constantly hear burps and farts, but when I'm out in public I don't want to hear either of those 2 things from adults, especially adults dressed in KU garb. Thanks for that Meredith, you made me feel bad for KU fans.

Everything about Sully's was a nice surprise except for Meredith and the bathrooms. The bathrooms were reasonably clean, but not redone and some of the damage done to those bathrooms by the decades of smoke that infested the building was still noticeable. The only way to get rid of that grime is with a sander. I'm not sure what can be done with Meredith. But, everything else was nice and certainly worth a visit now and again when I'm over there wanting a beer.


  1. I am so hoping Meredith will find this blog and looking forward to her reply.

  2. Just an FYI, I'm a non smoker, was out front picking up cig butts from the other actual smokers but thank you for the nice comments, it means alot to me!!

  3. 'a chick burped, oh my God.' stfu write about beer not stupid shit like that.

  4. ^^^ agreed, what was she supposed to do? apologize to each person in the bar individually. This is not what I read this half assed blog for.

  5. We get it. You're a runny-nosed snob of a human being. Pat yourself on the back. Just keep your terribly written excuse for a blog about beer instead talking shit on people.

  6. Dear Jeff,

    Some of the patrons down at Sully’s led me to your 19 September posting about Sully’s Pub, and about me. I wanted to address a few of your comments.

    First, please accept this comment as my personal and formal apology for my alleged eructation. Had I know it was so “loud, gross and wildly inappropriate” I would have come to your table to apologize and excused myself to you and the woman you call Stella.

    I am a good sport and know that everyone is entitled to their opinion and while you felt the need to be a bully (Bull E.) and write disparaging comments about my character, you also don’t know the first thing about me.

    Finally, let’s discuss my photo. You took a picture of me using your phone without my knowledge or consent. I feel that is poor etiquette I am asking you to remove the picture. Feel free to keep my name for the “personal touch” it adds to your post, but remove the picture is all I’m asking.

    Happy drinking,

  7. Meredith,

    Nice touch using my name. I certainly didn't aim to personally insult you, I just thought it was a fun anecdote for the post. I have taken your picture down.

    I may have more of an issue with people burping near me than the average person as this post may make clear.

    I thought the picture was blurry enough and of not enough quality for anybody to be able to make out what you looked like. I never thought that Carrie and Matt would ever read the thing. The fact that they did and this post has become somewhat popular may have a little something to do with your belch. If that has brought about extra attention to Sully's, a fine neighborhood bar, then you can say your belch made a bar famous (or lightly popular, I mean come on, this isn't exactly the New York Times here).

    Thanks for writing and for god's sakes, get a draft beer next time.

  8. There hasn't been a climax this disappointing since Bull's last actual climax.