Kick and Clutch Day

The much anticipated releases of New Belgium Kick and Clutch are happening today in Kansas City. Kick is for the fruit beer fans with pumpkin and cranberry flavors brought to you in a sour wood aged brew. Clutch is for the heavier stout drinker with coffee and dark chocolate flavors brought to you in a sour wood aged stout. Both sound absolutely wonderful and I'm beginning to trust that New Belgium can bring me great beers in the Lips of Faith series.

Both these beers should be available on both sides of the state line, although I'm sure that Missouri is getting theirs today. Usually New Belgium Lips of Faith beers are readily available but the demand for these 2 is going to be high and I'm not sure how much of it we're getting. So you're probably going to want to put up your beertenna and listen for your favorite store getting it, then getting there to pick yours up. When you find it help out your fellow beer travellers and post the price and availability in the comments section.

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