B4TW - Great Divide Belgian Style Yeti

This is going to be a great weekend to get outside, maybe seed your yard, trim your bushes, get all that piddly yard stuff out of the way before the leaves fall. Or you may want to get over the Plaza Art Fair or the Fall Festival in Overland Park to see The Elders. In any case you're going to get some walking in or some good ole' outside exercise in the near perfect weather. You're gonna want a good hearty beer to replenish you in the evening. That beer should be Great Divide Belgian Style Yeti.

Belgian Yeti is one of my favorite beers to come out in the past couple of months. It combines the near perfection that is Yeti with some Belgian style yeast. The problem was the beer came out in May right about the time the sun moved 5 million miles closer to Kansas City . I'm never in the mood for a stout when my boxer shorts are full of ball sweat and no amount of Belgian fruit and spices is going to get me to recommend it when it's that hot. But this weekend will be perfect, with perfect daytime weather and cool nights. You're going to have your windows open this weekend and around beer time you may wonder where you put your Snuggie in March. You don't need your Snuggie, you need some stout. That's why Great Divide Belgian Style Yeti is the beer for the weekend.

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