Stone 15

Stone's 15th Anniversary beer, Escondinian Imperial Black IPA has made its way to Kansas City's shores. It won't be in retail stores (only in Missouri) until at least tomorrow, but probably Friday. There's not going to be much to go around and for a greater than 10% ABV bottle that retails around $6 demand shall be high. Plan accordingly.

This is KC's first shot at a Stone anniversary beer (unless the 14th anniversary beer was around for Stone week). Every year Stone produces a one time beer to celebrate their anniversary and this year they've made it an imperial black IPA. At over 10% ABV it might be one of the biggest beers they've made and should definitely be worth getting your hands on.

Stone 15 will also be available on draft over the next month or so. Restaurants and bars will be holding special tapping events in most cases so keep your radar up to find out where and when. As always, leave comments, Twitter me, OnTap it, post on the KC Beer Blog Facebook page, post it on your favorite crocheting message board, whatever, to get word out where you see the Stone 15. Your fellow beer travellers appreciate it.

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