Monday, August 1, 2011

Green Flash is Here

Green Flash is now being poured in the KC metro. All Star Pizza and Pub has tapped Hop Head Red and West Coast IPA. If you want it now, get there tonight.

I'm not sure if other places are going to start offering Green Flash during this week. But, several Green Flash parties are happening this weekend, similar to the Stone parties when they came to town, minus the madman with a bullhorn standing on the bar.
Friday, August 5th: 4-6p Gomers South; 5-7p Swagger; 7-10p Flying Saucer
Saturday, August 6th: 1-4p Lukas Liquor; 6-8p Grinders
Sunday, August 7th: 2-4p All-Star Pizza; 4-6p Blanc (Plaza); 6-8p Foundry

Green Flash is leaving a smaller shelf footprint only bringing in 4 beers; West Coast IPA, Hop Head Red, Double Stout and Imperial IPA. The events at bars will also offer a couple of special beers on tap; La Freak, Summer Saison and Trippel. All of these beers need to be tried.


  1. Their West Coast IPA is GOOD. Did a review on the Liquid Diets quite some time ago...

  2. Anyone know if it available in any liquor stores around mid-town yet? I saw on On-tap KC that liberty had some.


  3. I think most places are expecting to receive it Friday.

  4. Just curious, does anyone know why STL consistently receives their new beer shipments a week-ish before KC? Do places like Wine & Cheese just have more clout with the distributors?

  5. Lukas doesn't have it til later this week. St Louis seems to be hoppin though:

  6. Plenty of it available at Gomers South. They got lots of it in today.

  7. Spenser, the excuse given for Green Flash is that StL had their launch parties last week, so they put it out faster. NKC Bev is the distributor here and they said they were holding back to ensure plenty was available at all the release parties this weekend. They've had the beer on hand since at least last Friday.