Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dream Firkin

Man, it's been brutally hot this week. I've had several new beers this week including Green Flash Hop Head Red and West Coast IPA, but nothing I've ingested has tasted as good as Tallgrass Halcyon Wheat. Ever since I read that article about wheat beers helping reduce inflammation and with the heat, all I've really wanted to drink was Halcyon. I biked and ran 50 miles over the weekend and I really think the Halcyon helped my knees and heel feel better.

Well, all that's to say, maybe a little different Halcyon is in order. As The Wort Hog pointed out last night, The Flying Saucer is tapping a firkin of Halcyon brewed with strawberries and vanilla called Dream Warrior tonight as part of their rare beer Thursdays. Tallgrass makes a lot of these firkins but they usually don't make it out of Manhattan. So the faster The Flying Saucer runs this firkin dry the quicker Tallgrass will let their firkins come to KC. As Wort Hog mentioned, and I've written here, Blanc is ready to bring firkins in. Never had a firkined beer before? Make it this one. Have a wife or husband who doesn't understand your beer habit? Get them some Dream Warrior, they may figure it out. The Dream Warrior Firkin is getting tapped at 7 tonight.

Tallgrass is also still having their little poll about whether to keep Halcyon in production throughout the winter. I think the result is pretty clear, but I'd like to see the percent that want it to be a year round beer closer to the 55% range. I'd also like to see Halcyon on tap in more places around town. I don't think I've ever seen it on tap anywhere though I'm sure The Flying Saucer probably has it and I'm told Paddy O'Shays around 135th and Quivira has it. It shouldn't be that hard to find on tap especially in the summer.

Update: Halcyon is also on tap at Barleys Shawnee, Woody's, Sharks, Driver's Sports Cafe, Taste and Westport Flea Market


  1. I've had a couple of them at the Saucer over the course of the summer. It is ridiculous how few places, especially in KS, make it available on tap. For all the talk on here about pushing macros off, the worst case has to be places that give spots to Shock Top and Blue Moon over Halcyon. They need to position it as a year round offering if they ever hope to replace those two at market.

  2. 810 Zone south had it on tap earlier this summer making it the only redeeming quality of 810 Zone south.

  3. Yeah, Halcyon was the only real redeeming quality of Paddy O'Shays too. And given the fact that it's located in the same cursed spot where Tymber and South Beach Cafe were, I'm assuming it won't be around for very long.

  4. The best part of having Halcyon on tap is the ability to avoid the proud-parent fridge art on the can.

    Also, my Halcyon consumption's been up tremendously the last few weeks, too. And you thought that wasn't possible...

  5. I like any beer named after a Dokken song.

  6. working :( I really wanted to go, but I had about 3.5 hours of work to do last night and there was no way I could get it done AND go to this.

    I cried a little on the inside.