Beer for the Weekend - Great Divide Titan IPA

It's the big Canada Day weekend and if you're anything like me you'll be tossing some Canadian bacon on the grill with some maple syrup shooters and bathing in Labatt's. Or you may be celebrating the American version of the holiday with some cookouts and fireworks. In either case, it's hot out there and you need a refreshing beer with some taste. That beer is Great Divide Titan IPA.

Titan IPA is one of the best sessionable IPA's around. You can find it at any store around town and it tastes great with some grilled meats and spicy salsas. The heavy hops flavor will certainly keep you happy while you're playing ladder ball in the backyard of your weird cousin's house. And Titan has enough alcohol you may not even find your weird cousin that weird after 3 or 4 Titans. That's why Great Divide Titan IPA is your beer for the weekend.

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