Under the (Beer) Radar: Dish Pizza

While it doesn’t appear in the authoritative Kansas City Beer Travel Guide (nor should it), Dish Pizza (846 S 291 Highway, Liberty, MO) is an option you might not have considered if you’re looking for good beer. In fact, it might just be your best choice for a beer in the greater central Clay County suburbplex.

A group of friends and I get together on a semi-regular basis to have some laughs and some beers, and majority geography (I’m the only non-Northlander) dictated that we find a place in the northern reaches of the metro. One night we decided to give the Dish a try, and it’s been our regular gathering spot ever since.

The Dish doesn’t appear on anyone’s list of must-visit beer destinations in the metro. This is due in part to its location beyond most people’s radar in Liberty, but mostly it’s because it’s not a beer “destination”. There is no brand-specific (or style-specific, for that matter) glassware. They’re not going to beg their distributor for a case of something rare like Abacus or Kentucky Breakfast Stout.

What you will find is a surprisingly varied bottled beer selection to go with their very good Chicago-style deep dish pizza. Their stock rotates frequently; we have found everything from St. Bernardus Abt 12 to Old Rasputin to Bell’s Two Hearted.

Six days a week, they offer better-than-average pricing on these beers. However, on Tuesdays all of their bottles are on sale at some of the lowest prices you’ll see anywhere.

Last night, we drank Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ and IPA for $2.50 a bottle. Founders Dirty Bastard was the same price. Boulevard’s Double Wide (12oz) was $3.25, which isn’t much more than the per-bottle price in a liquor store.

If it’s not worth a trip in and of itself, the Dish is certainly worth a visit if you’re in the area. Order a deep dish pizza—it’s their specialty, and they do a really good job. And with those beers on the menu, you can take advantage of the fact that their pizza requires some extra time in the oven.

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