Schlafly Tasting and Briggs Sighting

Gomer's South is doing a Schlafly tasting tonight, presumably to coincide with the appearance of Schlafly AIPA in town (a beer so important that it caused The Hopry to sacrifice his principle of fridging the hops and buy a warm sixer of it). Schlafly makes a lot of beers but they're pretty hit and miss for me. I suppose the same is true for you too, so this is a good opportunity to try out a few and find out what you enjoy.

That's not the best part though, the best part is KC Schlafly representative Gary Briggs will be there to answer your questions and bathe you in cool. When presented an opportunity to meet Briggs you don't dilly dally, you get to where Briggs is and meet the man that brings us Schlafly.

The fun begins at 4 and ends at 6. Maybe pair this tasting up with the Lagunitas tasting over a Mike's and you'll have a cool buzz and you'll be fine (good luck finding some tasty waves).

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