Stone Day

Stone Brewing Company beers will be available on your favorite liquor store shelves today. If you've never had any Stone beers, pick up a bomber of Arrogant Bastard and thank me later. To kick off Stone coming to Missouri, we have a whole slew of events to attend. You can check the Stone Brew Week website for specifics of the beers available at each shindig. Plus this is your chance to meet and talk to Greg Koch, CEO and co-founder of Stone. If you're not aware of Greg Koch, you will be. He's the Jerry Lee Lewis to Sam Calagione's Pat Boone, or for a more current reference, he's Lindsay Lohan to Calagione's Raven Symone.

The big parties are tonight at the Flying Saucer and Riot Room, with total tap takeovers at Riot Room and Waldo Pizza. Tomorrow, The Foundry will have a total tap takeover, another big party at The Saucer and another total tap takeover at Beer Kitchen. Check the Stone Brew site for more details.

For the recluses, Stone beers will be in your favorite Missouri liquor store, so get out there and get some. Use the comments section to shout out what Stone beers you're seeing and where. This should be a fun week.

UPDATE: During the Blanc event today at 1, they will be featuring the ARROGANT BURGER, an 8 oz. patty with Stone Smoked Porter, spiced chipotle BBQ sauce, A "Stone" peach chutney, Frisee and smoked Gouda on a Farm to Market bacon brioche bun. Sounds wonderful.

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