Somersault into Summer

I feel completely dirty for the title of this post. Seriously, I hate myself a little bit more than I did before I thought of it. But, that hate for myself pales in comparison to the hate I feel for New Belgium for getting rid of Skinny Dip for a couple of years and replacing it with Somersault. Okay, hate is a strong word, but I'm mildly disappointed for no other reason than I enjoy the Skinny Dip which always seemed to be the beer in the fridge at the in-laws house. Now I guess it will be Somersault.

Somersault is a Golden Ale with a bit of fruit flavor and citrus, not that different sounding than Skinny Dip. You can get some on tap at Buzzz Coffee Bar in South OP near 135th and Quivira. Buzzz has 15 taps which sets it apart from most other bars in that area, but aside from a couple of Free State beers, Fat Tire and Somersault nothing that extraordinary. But, those taps alone beat most bars in the area and they bill themselves as the least pretentious bar in OP.

Somersault should be widely available in town, so if you're a fan of New Belgium, you shouldn't have any trouble finding a sixer to take home with you.

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