Samuel Summer

I'm a sucker for a Samuel Adams mixed 12 pack even though I'm not that big of a fan of Samuel Adams beers. The Sam Adams Summer 12 pack is no different. It's loaded up with regular beers from the Sam Adams lineup like Boston Lager, which I do really like, Light, which I don't, mediocre Latitude 48 and one of my favorite Summer beers, Sam Adams Summer. But, they're also throwing in 2 new beers not available in any other form, Rustic Saison and East-West Kolsch.

Regular readers know that I love Saisons and will buy every one that comes out, so I'm really looking forward to the Rustic Saison. Kolsch is one of the few German styles that I enjoy and is perfect for summer. I kind of hope that I don't actually like these 2 new beers because I don't want to have to keep buying the variety pack. I'll end up with a whole bunch of Sam Adams Light in my fridge. But, if I do like them at least I'll have some Sam Adams Light to bring over to your house when you have a party this summer.

Sam Adams Summer Variety packs should be popping up in every alcohol licensed store in town. Just this morning I made my first ever beer purchase at Target to get this variety pack.

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