We had our 3rd Annual Mission Twitical Pub Crawl on Saturday. So in honor of the spirit of the pub crawl, I would just post our day in Tweets. The pub crawl was founded on a lazy Sunday afternoon with several of the participants on Twitter discussing bars in Mission and deciding that a pub crawl through Mission would be fun. We had a loss this year as JJ's Other Place has closed and that really threw our course out of whack. We actually went to The Keyhole 3 times (once because Manhattan Lounge may be the worst bar in America). So here it is, the day in Tweets from the pub crawl.

If you're not familiar with Twitter talk this may be a little hard to follow. I encourage you to click on the links which are pictures from the day.

The DLC with Guy Fieri

27 hours until my appearance in #missiondrunj cash obtained, kid warned

Loaded up on bacon and orange juice this morning in preparation for#missiondrunj this afternoon.

You should join us for #missiondrunjfest, bar crawl of lovely downtown Mission

Just had my first encased meat food product of the day. It wont be the last. #missiondrunj #dicktowel

Next #missiondrunj stop is Werner's then The Keyhole Gloryhole. Cc @wallacewilson @rod_leviathan although someone just ordered another drink

#sadtrombone #missiondrunj (@ JJ's Other Place)

#missiondrunj http://twitpic.com/4iukj2

Stop #4 #missiondrunj (@ The Keyhole Tavern)

"It smells like Worlds of Fun out here." #missiondrunj

OH: it smells like Worlds Of Fun Here. You mean like asphalt and barf? #missiondrunj

"Ya know, Bacon is the only meat that serves as a condiment for another meat. So, it has a special niche." #missiondrunj

OH: I don't want to sit in the sun because I'll smell like cooking bacon. #missiondrunj

"I like fancy pants." #missiondrunj

Now stopping in for some quality beer and BBQ with Twitter Adverse Dave #missiondrunj

The fabulous Keyhole Lounge
4th phone has been dropped. #missiondrunj

Not enough people are meeting from #missiondrunj. C'mon @c_giffin, @thedlc, @chimpotle, @bullevard, @erindowney, @princessofworld..

#missiondrunj con't @average_Jane, @rod_leviathan, @aarondeacon, @m_toast, @chris_gilmore, @wellhellchell, @runningboard07, @wallacewilson.

Minimum RT @davelacrone 4th phone has been dropped.#missiondrunj

#MissionDrunj needs more glory hole check-ins.

#missiondrunj Having this many Chris's on a pub crawl is kinda confusing.

http://yfrog.com/h3tulkxj fooooood #missiondrunj

" I actually, legitimately, want a wet wipe right now." #missiondrunj

How much for one rib? One rib?? #missiondrunj

Stuff I learned: grown men order taco pizza #missiondrunj

Just had my third encased meat of the day. #missiondrunj

"Are you seriously going to take a sandwich into the pisser?"#missiondrunj

Yep, he just took his sandwich into the bathroom... #missiondrunj

Urinal sandwich is delish RT @bullevard "Are you seriously going to take a sandwich into the pisser?" #missiondrunj

Okay, so what is #missiondrunj?

@worleygirl its a pubcrawl full of encased meat, booze, #dicktowels, gloryholes and good times. #missiondrunj

The women's pisser smells like cinniman #missiondrunj

All of a sudden I'm bothered that I'm not at #missiondrunj but I am sitting on the couch...so maybe thats better

"i miss the days when guys in bands had beards." #missiondrunj

Have you had a Free State Ad Astra? #missiondrunj

"Ya know, part of a pubcrawl is walking." #missiondrunj

Carnap, then wife pickup: good meeting people #missiondrunj

Stop #6. They weren't really open. We convinced them otherwise.#missiondrunj (@ The Manhattan Lounge) http://4sq.com/h8i6WW

The bartender at Manhattan Lounge hsa never heard of Lagunitas.

"Come home with me. You can sleep in the basement."#missiondrunj

Stop #7 #missiondrunj (@ The Keyhole Tavern) http://4sq.com/fMYOAr

Again. And why not? RT @ThatSusan: Stop #7 #missiondrunj (@ The Keyhole Tavern) http://4sq.com/fMYOAr

So There's an @chimpotle running loose on Wodson in Mission carrying an open bottle of Boulevard Pilsner.

My view. http://yfrog.com/h48nbwsij #missiondrunj

Random drunj has just explained to me that he's bought Avatar three times. And something has been wrong with every disc.#missiondrunj

Yes. RT @ThatSusan: "i miss the days when guys in bands had beards." #missiondrunj

@average_jane You're practically in my neighborhood and I didn't even know! #missiondrunj

@worleygirl I think #missiondrunj is the supper club bunch on a pub crawl. I stopped in for a beer or three at RJ's with them.

"We need to just strap Flenker down in the sun and see what happens." ##missiondrunj

Good meeting people at #missiondrunj, sorry had to jet, had a lot of fun, ate a urinal sandwich

Stop #8 #missiondrunj (@ The Manhattan Lounge)http://4sq.com/estHLI

OH: it's not Gaga s**t, it's Gaga quality. #missiondrunj

RT @ThatSusan "We need to just strap Flenker down in the sun and see what happens." ##missiondrunj

hey come on now RT @ThatSusan "We need to just strap Flenker down in the sun and see what happens." #missiondrunj

well #missiondrunj has gotten interesting. I believe we're in a wedding now

Our bartender had to go out and buy us beer. #missiondrunj

#missiondrunj http://twitpic.com/4iwsov

We just had our first puke of #missiondrunj.

That wasn't any of us that puked. #missiondrunj

we're spoiled or something RT @chris_gilmore Our bartender had to go out and buy us beer. #missiondrunj

Soon to be on a calendar: the women of #missiondrunj@ThatSusan: #missiondrunj http://t.co/0IFGEmF

does @bullevard know our special beer delivery is here?#missiondrunj

Clarette Club time. #missiondrunj

On our way to the Clarette Club. #missiondrunj

Heading to the Clarence club. #missiondrunj

OH: where' your wife? I don't know, blowing some dude.#missiondrunj

OH: I wonder if it's hard for him to bike over there with a boner.#missiondrunj

"I wonder if its hard for @bullevard to bike with that boner."#missiondrunj #sumpinsumpin

"she's got a limp and I think he's blind" #missiondrunj

Stop #8. #missiondrunj (@ Clarette Club) http://4sq.com/hsYabG

Loaded the Clarette Club jukebox with obnoxiousness.#missiondrunj

The road home from #missiondrunj http://t.co/k646g8

@davelacrone it sounds lame, I know, but its the moat fun I've had since I moved here #missiondrunj

I wonder how much money I have left? I wonder where my purse is?#missiondrunj

The few, the proud, the #missiondrunj http://yfrog.com/h464wugj

#missiondrunj crew http://yfrog.com/gynmlycj

#missiondrunj is now trending in #KansasCityhttp://trendsmap.com/us/kansas+city

People at #missiondrunj are dissin the Disturbed. I am disturbed by this.

Philistines. RT @princessofworld: People at #missiondrunj are dissin the Disturbed. I am disturbed by this.

2 legit 2 quit #missiondrunj

I'm done with #missiondrunj now I'm off to the ER with what looks like 2 broken fingers from trying to get in my house.

"I want to f**k you like an animal. With my penis" - @c_giffin#missiondrunj

#missiondrunj biking http://yfrog.com/h2d4hdxj

Whooo hooo! #missiondrunj moving to @c_giffin and @thatsusan's house.

#missiondrunj accomplished

At home finishing up #missiondrunj with good friends.

This is what happens at the #missiondrunjhttp://yfrog.com/h7qbnnnj

I have the best picture ever of @average_jane and she won't let me post it #missiondrunj

Damn right. RT @princessofworld: I have the best picture ever of @average_jane and she won't let me post it #missiondrunj

RT @princessofworld: This is what happens at the #missiondrunjhttp://yfrog.com/h7qbnnnj #dicktowel

We've reached the karaoke phase of #missiondrunj. I'm scared.

"Love lift us up where we belong." #missiondrunj

"Is that freedom rock? Well, turn it up, man." #missiondrunj

"He does seem like he would like Barry Manilow." #missiondrunj

#missiondrunj #missionaccomplished #missiongoodnight.

"We'll float down to Peru. F**k." @rod_leviathan #missiondrunj

"You're motorin'. What's your price for flight?" #missiondrunj

.@thedlc and @c_giffin are singing "Son of a Preacher Man" together. It's quite cute. #missiondrunj

I may be drunj for #missiondrunj

Can't believe I spent 9 hours socializing today. Who am I?#missiondrunj

Now that I'm sober can @runningboard7 explain the thinking behind taking his sandwich to the bathroom? #missiondrunj

F and U #missiondrunj #hungover

That was fun. We should do it more often. #missiondrunj

@ThatSusan #missiondrunj was a success. I was surrounded by women at all times.

@kcmeesha Drunk women. #missiondrunj

It's all I could do to not take a picture of the piece of art I put in the toilet this morning. #missiondrunj

I forgot to post this pic from outside the recently closed JJ's. it is magnificent. #missiondrunj http://twitpic.com/4j9seu

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