Arrogant Buzzard

A couple of nights ago at The Riot Room Beer Cellar Cleanout party I had a discussion with Adam, one of the guys behind Carousel Chronicles. He asked me what I thought of how Stone markets itself. I gave him a typical beer soaked answer akin to they can do whatever they want but it's not really my style. Which is true, I feel dirty with any kind of self promotion, but Greg Koch thrives on it. And that's fine.

Well, maybe it's better than fine because the naked self promotion and the in your face style of naming their beers might put Stone beers somewhere most other beers can't go. As evidence of that, there is now a Stone Arrogant Bastard tap in the super cheap macro lager dive Buzzard Beach, joining the ranks of the PBR and it's ilk. Not only did Arrogant Bastard squeeze its way in, but it pushed Bud Light out. If you're reading this and wanted a Bud Light on tap, just know Buzzard Beach isn't an option anymore, the Arrogant Bastard has taken over.

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