Beer for the Weekend - Odell Myrcenary

Odell Myrcenary has been out for about a month now. Myrcenary was a big Gents winner against its double IPA counterpart from Left Hand. I was a bit surprised that I actually enjoy Myrcenary more than I do Avery's Maharaja which is one of my favorites of the style. That's why Myrcenary is the beer for this weekend.

With the weather cooled down for the weekend a douple IPA seems like the perfect varietel for the rain. The malt sweetness and alcohol warms the body while the citrus flavors from the mix of hops remind you of the summer heat to come. You're not going to find a better beer for this weekend.

Myrcenary comes in 4 packs for about $9.99. It's widely available so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it. Pick up a 4 pack, stay inside and enjoy the last cool weekend for the next 6 month and get your heat from the 9.3% ABV.

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