Beer for the Weekend - Boulevard Tank 7

We had a great week, with numerous new beers from Stone hitting the market. Our taste buds have been under assault trying all these new beers and trying to remember each one as a distinctive beer. But, we have a holiday this weekend. Many of us are either traveling or receiving travelers for the holiday festivities. You'll want to bring KC to your hosts or give KC to your guests. To me, KC is Boulevard Tank 7.

After a week of the unfamiliar, it's time to get back to the familiar favorite Tank 7. Tank 7 is my answer to the most familiar questions I get from people not steeped in beer culture, "what's your favorite beer", "what beer should I try if I don't really like beer", "what beer do I need to try in KC". Tank 7 is the answer.

Tank 7 is available on tap in any KC area bar that gives a hooey about beer. It's also available in the big bombers which you can serve to your guests or hosts like wine. Or, Tank 7 is available in 12oz. bottle 4 packs so you can pop one open while the kids are hunting for their Easter eggs. So share KC with your people, they'll thank you for it.

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