Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tailgate Beer

It's almost that time of year, the teams are playing in Arizona and Florida, everyone but the Royals has a shot to win the World Series. In just a couple of weeks it will be opening day, the fountains will run blue and the losing will begin. But, that doesn't matter too much, hope is on the way. What is important is baseball will be here. Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols, Carl Crawford and some more of the biggest stars in the game will make their way to the K. So the question is what are you going to drink in the parking lot while you get your grill on?

A couple of ground rules here, I don't like the idea of bottles in a parking lot. Drunks break bottles, glass in a parking lot can cause a flat tire or worse. With a good number of children going to baseball games, it's not a great idea to make them walk all over broken glass in the parking lot just to get into the stadium. So canned beer it must be. Also, the beer of choice has to work for the hot summer months and the cold April and September games. Lastly, the beer has got to be good, easy to store and transport and offer minimal trash. In my eyes, there's nothing worse than walking out of a baseball game to walk to your car and seeing beer cans laying all over the ground.

So after much deliberation this spring, I'm pleased to announce the first annual official KC Beer Blog Tailgate Beer, Tallgrass Oasis. Tallgrass Oasis meets all of the criteria. Packaged in 4 packs of 16 oz. cans, 25% more per can, means 25% less trash (by quantity). Plus, it's a bit higher in alcohol at 7.2% ABV so theoretically you'll drink less again lowering the quantity of trash. Lastly, and most important Oasis tastes wonderful and is very versatile. The warm malt of the double IPA works well for the colder weather, but the hoppy bite is perfect for a hot summer day. It also pairs wonderfully with whatever foods you're going to grill. From hot wings to burgers, stuffed jalapenos to to brats, Tallgrass Oasis is the best beer for tailgating.

So after you put on your powder blue Royals shirt, or, as is the case an awful lot, your Derek Jeter or Albert Pujols (or if you're a real special kind of Cardinals jerk, Jack Clark or Tommy Herr retro jersey), get yourself to a liquor store and pick up a 4 pack of Oasis and enjoy your tailgate at the K.


  1. Sorry, Modus Hoperandi would be the clear winner here. You'd be hard pressed to find a better beer to drink on a summer day.

  2. JB, Modus Hoperandi was a finalist. But, the trash issue plus less versatitlity made it a second place finisher.

  3. Still haven't gotten around to this one but I'll remember it come baseball season.

    Off topic, the green of your embedded ad links is really difficult for me to read against the brown background. Is that just me? I'm on Chrome, btw, and it almost looks like sentences are skipping words here and there until I focus and see that it's just dark green text.

  4. Modus would be my choice for April and May but after that I'd have to go with lighter fare if I'm going to be outside in 85 degrees plus.

    In honor of our one consistently good player, whatever Mexican stuff I could score in a can with plenty of limes and plastic cups would not only quench the thirst but show proper respect to our very own Sr. Soria.

    You could do Boulevard Wheat in their metal bottles, but again it's heavy for hot weather.

  5. Never would I choose Oasis over Modus Hoperandi! It is easily the best brew for tailgating that we can get in KS or MO. Modus first of all tastes much better. Secondly, Oasis comes in a 4 pack, Modus is in a 6 pack, the 6 pack is cheaper than the 4 pack! Last but not least, the cans for modus just flat out look better and fit into a standard koozie!

  6. N8, a sixer of Modus only amounts to 8 more ounces of beer than the Tallgrass 4 pack. Oasis is a little more potent and it's more versatile. Not to mention the trash issue. If everyone threw their trash away, Modus might very well be the correct choice. But, since we know that trash ends up all over the parking lot, Oasis has to be the choice.

    Modus Hoperandi is a great beer and you'll be pleased with it's inclusion in tomorrow's post.

  7. Although I totally agree with Nate on Modus being a FAAAAARRRR superior beer to Oasis, I see what you mean by the trash issue.

    However, I also think that craft beer drinkers are slightly more apt to throw the empty cans (or GASP! bottles) into the correct receptacle than say, a keystone light drinker that just finished folding the empty packaging of his/her 30 pack into a sword. And I don't see those kinds of kids switching to a $10 four pack anytime soon.

  8. The trash issue shouldn't be a problem with cans as they are all recyclable and easiest to get taken care of easily.. biggest negative on oasis is it seems to cost more around town then a 6 of modus.. so 8oz more of modus for less money truly seems like the best bet.. I agree with Nick that most craft brew drinkers care alittle more to properly take care of their waste.. Modus wins hands down..

  9. Infact i think i am going to have a Modus now.. after all this talk about Modus..