Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oasis Sludge

This is what last night's Tallgrass Oasis left behind. Can you see what look like little shreds of rubber in the bottom of the glass? I first noticed it when I spilled a little on the counter when I was trying to fit all 16 ounces in my 16 ounce Lagunitas Mason Jar, but I gave Tallgrass the benefit of the doubt and assumed I spilled onto some cupcake crumbs. But cupcake crumbs don't explain the little shreds of rubber or whatever in my jar this morning.

Was this a bad can or is this stuff floating in every can? I've never seen it before and I've drank quite a bit of Oasis lately.


  1. Hop stems would be my guess from the looks of it. Oasis is unfiltered and whole-leaf dry hopped for two days in four big cheese cloth bags in the brite tank prior to canning/kegging. We leave about 1-2 barrels in the tank at the end to avoid this, but it looks like some got through. Unfiltered plus brite tank dryhopping equals nice beer but at a risk of this happening. What is the code on bottom edge of the can?

  2. Hey Jeff, thanks for commenting. The code is 10 324 (or 10 32A, it's kind of hard to read). I feel better thinking it's hop stems rather than some shredded rubber from the canning line or something. I have one more can in this 4 pack and I'll look for it again. I would have noticed if this was in the other 2 cans, so I'm guessing the cans are packaged kind of randomly.

    Congratulations on being the first official tailgate beer of KC Beer Blog. It was a close call.

  3. Thanks for giving us the date to work with. That can of Oasis actually expired 11/2010. It could still very well be hop stems but it could also have to do with it being and old can. We'd be happy to send you a fresh new 4 pack if you'll send over and address to ship it to. You can email me at

    Thanks guys,

  4. What fantastic customer service! A friend of mine's wife is a regional rep for Tallgrass in Columbia, and speaks highly of a great local brewery for good reason.