Firestone Walker Now Available

The first of four breweries expanding distributorship to Missouri this year, Firestone Walker, is hitting store shelves today. Nectar Hemp and Nectar IPA sixers should be around $8.50, Double Jack IPA 22oz should be around $7, Walker Reserve 22 oz. $5.19, Abacus 22 oz. $13.99 and Anniversary #14 22 oz. around $18 (all prices based on what The Wine and Cheese Place in St. Louis is charging).

Some Firestone Walker beers went on tap last night at The Flying Saucer and Beer Kitchen. They're well worth checking out. Depending on KC's support for Firestone Walker we could see even more of their beers released in the market. Again, Firestone Walker is only available in Missouri, if your store doesn't carry it, ask for it.

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