New Belgium QA

It's been a long 4 weeks for the new crew on CBS' Early Show, the preferred provider of morning news in la manse du Vard. They've batted an 0fer in bringing me enjoyable or even interesting stories. I even switched to the Today show for a day, but I couldn't take that much Ann Curry. Well, this morning I mindlessly switched over while the kids were eating breakfast and was promptly rewarded with an interesting, well produced, well done piece on beer quality analysis as performed by Jeff Glor's (host of the show) brother at New Belgium brewing.

The story follows the brothers through brewing, doing a tasting and testing various kegs in bars across Fort Collins. Then all the hosts drink some Fat Tire, Ranger IPA and 1554. Also featured is Lauren Salazar of New Belgium who was slated to be at The Flying Saucer this week, but showmageddon on Tuesday forced her to postpone. Congratulations to the new crew on The Early Show for doing something mildly entertaining and allowing me to hate them less. If they'd only bring back Dave Price, I'd almost recommend the show because, let's face it, all the morning shows suck.

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