Go Pack Go

Let's get this out of the way, I'm a Packers fan. I've been a Packers fan BF (Before Favre), I've had at least 100 conversations (mostly in college) about the Majik Man, Don Majkowski. I've often wondered just how great Craig Nall could have been without an iron man in front of him on the depth chart. When I was a real little kid, I used to wonder why MLB didn't have a team in Green Bay which obviously had to be the biggest city in Wisconsin. I actually own a cheeshead. So, to say I'm looking forward to the game tomorrow would be putting it mildly.

Sadly, I spent more than 2 minutes staging this photo
I'm going to make it a Lagunitas day. I have a couple bottles of Gnarly Wine, which I really love by the way, some Pale Ale and Brown Shugga'. I'm hoping I'll be able to remember the game. If things are going the Packers way, I'll probably pop open one of my bottles of 2008 Saison-Brett. Lagunitas seems like a good choice because Aaron Rodgers went to Cal. I'd like to think that he thinks as highly of Lagunitas as I do since it was almost a hometown beer for him when he was in college.

If you're a Steelers fan and wish to base your drinking choices on your quarterback's perceived preferences, I guess you'll be drinking Four Loko and Boone's Farm. Have fun with that.

If you're non-partisan, you may want to pick up a couple of new brews that hit town this week. Ommegang Chocolate Indulge, 2011 La Folie Sour Brown or Great Divide Grand Cru are all on store shelves today, though they may be a little hard to find. I'd stick with Royal Liquor, Lukas or any of the Gomer's in town to find these 3.

What are you drinking for the game tomorrow? By the way, if you follow me on Twitter and don't like the Packers AND/OR love the Vikings you may want to unfollow me for a couple of days.

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