Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Waldo Pizza Cellar Series Part Deux

Waldo Pizza Tap Room has announced the second edition of their Cellar Series. No, it's not 2008 Hopslam or even 2009. But, it is at least interesting. They are releasing 2 bottles of each of the following:
2009 Boulevard Imperial Stout, 750mL $28.95
2009 Boulevard Saison Brett, 750mL $28.95
2009 Boulevard BBQ, 750mL $28.95
2009 Boulevard Sixth Glass, 750mL $19.95
2009 Southern Tier Cuvee 2, 22oz $30.95
I don't know if you can find any of these 5 beers from 2009 anywhere else in town. They will continue to release 10 beers every couple of months for the rest of the year.


  1. BBQ probably no. I believe you can get the others, but not in the same place. I'm guessing on the Sixth Glass (that some liquor store has poor enough turnover or rotation on it), pretty sure on the others. I think for the first few months of the "oh noes Imperial Stout is gone" histeria I pointed out on several blogs that Barleys in Shawnee has it and as of last month, they still did.

    Glad there is no cellared Hopslam. That would be a facepalmable move.

  2. I wonder if anyone noticed that Imerial stout was only made one time and that was 2008 not 2009. I have 4 bottles still in my basement and I cant wait to drink one this weekend