Schlafly Imperial Pilsner

The first of the Schlafly 20th Anniversary beers, Imperial Pilsner will be available in very limited quantities in select stores today. From the Facebook posting:
A VERY LIMITED amount of Schlafly #20 Imperial Pilsner should be on the shelves sometime today in the following stores. Brown Derby Wine Center in Springfield, Gomers In Lees Summit, Gomers South and Riot Room. A few more to come tomorrow and that will be it.
These probably will be gone quickly so if you're interested you had better visit Gomers tout de suite or the Riot Room tonight or take the chance it will be gone.

UPDATE: The bottles won't be out until tomorrow so you can cancel your lunchtime plans for a Gomers run.

UPDATE II: Today's the day and I have the bottle counts for you. All the Gomers in Missouri except Midtown are getting 6 bottles, Midtown is getting 12. Royal Liquor on 103rd is also getting 6 bottles. These bottles should be priced in the $10-$12 range. The Riot Room will have 6 as well going for $18. Next Thursday the only keg of Schlafly 20 in KC will be tapped at The Flying Saucer. 

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