Introducing OnTapKC

Good people of the KC Beer Blog, I recently launched a new web site to help people track new and interesting beers that are available in Kansas City. It's called OnTapKC. Some of you may have already started using the site a little while back, but it official went live on 12/31 and I wanted to give the rest of you a brief overview of the site.

OnTapKC is powered by you, and drinkers like you. The site is set up to allow you to quickly and easily contribute by letting everyone know what beer you found and where others can find it in KC.

The site's main feature is a map that plots out the location of beer bars, restaurants, liquor stores, etc. in KC where the last 100 or so craft beers have been tagged. Users are able to create new locations and new beers on the fly, if you know the name of the beer you're drinking and a rough approximation of where you're drinking it, you too can help out. The site is optimized to run on most devices so you'll be able to contribute right from your bar stool.

Where? is the domain, we've set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account to post updates and promote notable sitings (like when Infinium or BBQ was first spotted). As the name would imply, we're focusing on KC, but we've got some info on locations in Lawrence, St. Joseph (believe it or not), Lee's Summit and other outlying suburbs.

The site is live now thanks to everyone who helped me test out the functionality and corrected my spelling errors.

Because finding a great beer on tap or in bottles is something that's worth sharing. If you're like Chimpotle and online achievements are the only things that motivate you, you'll be happy to know that registered users rack up a bar tab that's based on their contributions to the site. As you tag beers, tag locations, post comments, rate beers, rate bars and restaurants you'll earn bottlecaps and my eternal gratitude.

I'm excited to finally have the site up and running after working. I hope everyone else finds it as useful as I do and helps contribute in their own way. If anyone has any questions or feedback you can email the site directly at, contact us on Facebook, Twitter or call our drunk dial Google Voice number (828)OnTapKC.

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