Drinking Made Easy - KC

Zane Lamprey's new show, "Drinking Made Easy" will be featuring KC in tonight's episode. For those unfamiliar, Zane Lamprey used to have an entertaining show, "Three Sheets", that was funny namely because Lamprey would get pretty drunk by the end of the show. "Drinking Made Easy" is nothing like that, it's more like a travel show where Lamprey goes to 3 or 4 places, drinks there and moves on to shoot another day. I've seen the Chicago and St. Louis episodes and didn't think that much of the show, Stella called it "really f...ing annoying".

Fat City is reporting that Lamprey will be featuring The Drop's edible cocktails, Westport Cafe & Bar and Buzzard Beach. I have it on good authority that friend of the blog, brewer Jeremy from Boulevard, will also be on the episode. The Drop will be having a watch party at 7:30 tonight. The show will be on HDNet (1105 on UVerse), at 7:30 (Fat City says 8, but they are wrong). If the St. Louis episode interests you, you can make it a whole Lamprey hour by tuning in at 7.

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