Fade to Black - Smoked Edition

One can imagine the head brewer of Left Hand and the head brewer of Great Divide sat down together for lunch one day. After a couple of beers the 2 of them, acting like all guys after a couple of beers, decided to have the brewer's version of a penis measuring contest, a beer style throwdown. The beer style decided upon by the waitress was smoked Baltic porter and they had to release it to the public. I'm sure that's not the case, but one can imagine it pretty easily.

I confused myself when I saw that Left Hand's Fade to Black Vol. 2 (Left Hand is releasing a different Fade to Black every year) was a smoked Baltic porter. I wondered if they just rebranded the smoked Baltic porter I had just had a couple of weeks before. When I mentioned that to the clerk ringing me up I realized my mistake, the Smoked Baltic Porter from Great Divide certainly was not going to be found in bottles of Left Hand Fade to Black.

I kind of wish it did, because I enjoy the Great Divide version even more. But, Fade to Black is a very good beer. Fade to Black has just about the same amount of smoke flavor, maybe a little more. But the underlying porter tasted a little more burnt than Great Divide's. Fade to Black is a little more convenient to drink because it is cheaper and comes in sixer form rather than the big bottle of the Great Divide version. If you like smoke beers, or even if you don't, Fade to Black is worth picking up. It's definitely an enjoyable beer. But Great Divide's has a bigger penis.

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