Caffeine's Code Red

We're flirting with danger here. Somebody's going to get hurt. Grandstanding politicians like Chuck Schumer are going to trample someone who's only mistake was getting between him, his soapbox and a camera. It doesn't matter if the cause is a seemingly good one or a bad one, Schumer (or one of his colleagues) is going to hurt someone soon

How do we stop this scourge of politicians getting in the way of the citizens living their lives? Take responsibility for your life. If someone does something you don't like, but causes you no harm, ignore them. If someone says something you don't like, ignore them. If someone eats something you think is bad for them, it doesn't affect you. If someone drinks something you think shouldn't be drank, well, that seems like their problem. Don't run to the government to stop them. In fact, defend them from government action. If you don't, someone's going to get hurt.

Today, it's a Four Loko ban. Maybe tomorrow it will be Jack and Coke, Maybe the next day it will be your morning coffee. Once the politicians get their hooks in demagoguery, it's difficult, nay impossible, for them to stop demagoguing, whether the demagoguery is real. Have you flown lately? It's easier to get into prison than it is to get on an airplane. Does this make us safer? No. What is the purpose? To make politicians and lobbyists rich. It doesn't matter if thousands of people have to have their junk touched or penetrated by x-rays, politicians are getting their beaks wet.

That's why it's up to you, on this 21st birthday of Boulevard, to stand up and say no. Stand up and say you'll take a miniscule risk that a terrorist attack will happen. Stand up and say you think people should be able to drink Four Loko. Stand up and say The Dude should be able to buy weed at Walgreen's. Stand up and say, Fred Phelps and his clan sure are dumber than a bag of dicks but letting them speak only hurts them. Stand up and say it's okay for your neighbor to eat a Double Down for lunch and a Hardee's Thickburger for dinner. Because if you don't, the politicians are going to get you.

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