Yuengling Crossing the Mississippi

About a month ago someone on the KC Beer Blog Facebook page asked me when Yuengling was going to come to KC. I get this Yuengling question quite a bit. Either a disproportionate number of people who read this blog are from the east coast or Yuengling is the thing east coast transplants miss the most. I've never had a Yuengling before and for all I know it could be the greatest beer around. It doesn't rate very well on the beer rating sites so it must be a great nostalgia beer.

Anyway, I always take interest when I see something about Yuengling expanding so this article in the Wall Street Journal about Yuengling buying a brewing facility in Memphis piqued my interest. Yuengling has crossed the Mississippi for the first time, at least for brewing purposes. They are buying the facility to keep up with demand and hope to get enough capacity to add Ohio to its distribution in 2011. I would put Indiana, Illinois and Missouri as next on their list, if a list exists. So, Yuengling is still at least 2 years away from being available at your local KC bodega, but at least there's a chance for you east coasters transplanted in KC.

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