Finally a Doodle

Doodle Brewing of Liberty, Missouri has been on my radar for nearly 2 years. Those were heady days when I was looking forward to 2 new brewers coming on the scene, Dead Canary and Doodle. Dead Canary seems to be dead in the water and I thought Doodle was pretty much in the same boat. Nick Vaughn, the brains behind Doodle has a blog and would infrequently post something about bank loan approvals or licensing approvals so there was always something. But the long silences led me to believe it wasn't going to happen. The whole Doodle thing seems like a lesson in determination and overcoming the world of red tape that makes it so hard and expensive to start a brewery.

Then over the weekend the news broke that Doodle had gotten label approval, the final regulatory step for a new beer, for Doodle Dubbel, a 22 oz. bomber of Belgian goodness. Drunk Monkey interviewed Nick Vaughn and found out that Vaughn hopes to be on store shelves by the end of this month but mid-November seems a little more likely. Whether Doodle Dubbel or any of the other beers in the Doodle pipeline are any good is a question for another day and I have some faith that they will be good. Nick Vaughn is to be congratulated for crawling through the mind numbing paperwork of titanic proportions I can't even imagine to realize his dream of delivering beer to the great people of KC and hopefully elsewhere.

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