Glacé Boulevard Seeyoulator Doppelbock Ice Cream

First things first, unlike last time I actually got my hands on a pint of Glacé's Boulevard ice cream. I'd heard that one of the ever elusive collaboration flavors were finally in stock this afternoon and I was hoping there'd be some left so I could take a little home. Much to my surprise it wasn't Bob's 47 or Sixth Glass they had in the cooler, but the new Seeyoulator Doppelbock flavor. Boulevard posted pictures of Steven Pauwels and Christopher Elbow brewing/mixing a batch of Seeyoulator ice cream to their Facebook on Monday. The note on the pictures says that the flavor would be available that afternoon (Monday). Since I wasn't within shouting distance of Glacé I figured there was no way I'd be able to get there in time to snag so much as a tasting spoon full of this ice cream. But it turns out Gambrinus was on my side and I now have about half a container of Seeyoulator ice cream chilling in the freezer.

So how does beer ice cream taste? Well, a lot like regular ice cream as you might imagine... It's cold, creamy and sweet. There's no big in your face flavor telling you there's a Doppelbock in here but there isn't a lot in the Seeyoulator telling you it's a Doppelbock either... Anyways, the Seeyoulator ice cream is malty, has a honey sweetness and a little caramel flavor. It leaves a little chalky coating on your tongue, which sounds a lot worse than it really is... it's actually quite nice. The flavor reminds me of the pralines and French vanilla flavor you can get from the grocery store, just maltier.

If you're a fan of Glacé bigger flavors and are looking for another off-the-wall ice cream, the Seeyoulator might be too tame for you. It's a great ice cream, sweet and malty, but it isn't a Thai Curry Peanut flavor... I haven't had the other Boulevard flavors, but I'm hopeful someone will screw up and actually make enough Sixth Glass ice cream to meet demand and I can finally try some.

Speaking of interesting flavors, Murray's in Westport has a Maple Bacon Walnut ice cream. Just saying...

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