Listen All of Y'all, this is Saboteur

Odell Brewing brewmaster Doug Odell is hitting the KC circuit this week with their latest release, Saboteur. Saboteur is a brown ale dosed with brettanomyces and aged in oak barrels. If you'd like to try it out, the Overland Park Barley's Brewhaus at 119th & Quivira will have a tasting (no ticket required) on Wednesday at 6:30. If that doesn't work for you, head down to the Flying Saucer on Thursday night around 7PM when they will be tapping it as their rare beer of the night.

Not known for my patience, I decided to crack open a bottle of Saboteur that I picked up in Omaha a few weeks back. The first mistake I made was drinking a bit right out of the fridge. The second was finishing the bottle by myself. It may have been the 10% ABV getting to me, but I'm really impressed with the quality of bottle Odell uses for these 750 release. You could seriously knock multiple people out in a bar fight without any worry of breakage.

The beer itself helped me come to the epiphany that while I may say that I am a fan of browns, I'm more of a nut brown kind of guy. The Saboteur really strikes out as a sour brown from the first whiff. After letting it sit for a bit, the flavor goes from sour fruit (almost pineapple) to oak barrel and finishing with a hint of malt. The brett funk was definitely noticeable from the moment it hit my mouth. While it is definitely worth checking out at one of the local events, my opinion of the beer would be a lot higher had I stopped at one glass as opposed to downing the whole bottle. A nice, complex, one pour kind of beer.

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