Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The family and I are taking a road trip over the holiday coming up (that holiday being my 29th birthday) to Wichita and Ft. Worth. We're just spending the night in my hometown of Wichita, stopping at the Donut Whole for some maple bacon donuts and heading to my brother-in-law's house just outside of Ft. Worth.

I already have some of my own Texpertise from several trips down there in the past. I know I'm going to have access to Dogfish Head and Stone beers as well as local brewers like Live Oak, Rahr and Sons (where I'm hopefully going to have a tour) and St. Arnolds. I also found another well regarded brewery that I have no knowledge of in Green Flash. Of beers from those breweries, does anyone have any must trys (I've had just about every Dogfish Head beer in previous trips so I'm more interested in beers from the other breweries)? I know Lee is going to give me a rundown on the St. Arnolds lineup.

I'll be hitting up the Flying Saucer in Ft. Worth where I should be able to find any of your suggestions. We'll also be visiting the manna of Texas liquor stores in Goody Goody. So I should be able to find any beers available in Texas. I'll also be hitting up the Yucatan Taco Stand Tequila Bar & Grill for some fish tacos, cabrito tacos and maybe some paella. For fun we're going to go see the Frisco Rough Riders vs. Tulsa Drillers where I'll be able to see former Cubs Steve Buechele and Brant Brown coach Chet Lemon's son.

Does anyone have any Texpertise and point out some must not miss beers or food? No, I'm not interested in any nude bars, porn shops or fireworks stands so leave those suggestions to yourself.


  1. cough! cough! 29??? I almost choked on my dt. coke

  2. Is there anything else in Texas besides nude bars, porn shops and fireworks stands?

  3. We did a guys beer trip to San Diego about a month ago. We "toured" Green Flash, and tried several of their offerings. I'd recommend anything of theirs you can get your hands on. My personal favorites were Le Freak, Barlywine, and their belgian Stout, though that might be because those are the only ones I had a full glass of. West Coast IPA is their "flag-ship" beer. Also very cool guys working there, the guy who gave us the tour was from JoCo.

  4. Live Oak Hefeweizen
    Green Flash West Coast IPA

    And don't forget Real Ale.

  5. Looks like John just beat me to it, but be sure to give a couple of Real Ale brews a try. The Fireman's 4 Blonde Ale is a pretty decent one of theirs, as is the Brewhouse Brown Ale. Enjoy em, as you can't find them outside of Texas.

  6. John and Matt, I somehow left Real Ale off the list. I do like their beers and I've had the 4 Blonde Ale and Brown Ale and liked them both.

  7. I moved to Dallas a month or so ago. My situation is a lot like yours, so I've had time to check out the scene.

    Liquor Stores:
    Goody Goody is my go to for decent selection and cheap prices. Mr. G's on 15h & Coit in Plano has a better selection, sells singles (just grab out of the packs in the cooler) and a Zagat rated deli attached. Zagat stopped rating Delis in 2002, but it's still a good sandwich.

    Most of the Cost Plus World Import Markets have a good selection of beer and sell singles for $1.89.

    Been wanting to try Yucatan, I hear it's great, but haven't made it out that way in the afternoon yet.

    If you eat Yucatan before the game, you might try Kenny's Burger Joint‎ ( after. It's supposed to be one of the best burgers in Texas.

    The Tap In in Grapevine isn't far from FW and has a great club sandwich (with a fried egg on it) and sweet potato fries.

    Second the suggestions on Fireman's and Real. Not that impressed with St. Arnolds or Rahr beers though.

    I don't know if you have Kona in KC, but all their beers are pretty good. The Longboard has become my go to.

    Oh, and in addition to nude bars, fireworks stands and porno shops, we also have condom stores!

  8. Don't forget to take a bath in some Lone Star...