Show Some Faith

New Belgium is currently promoting a Clips of Faith Beer & Film Tour of various cities in the US. Kansas City is currently tentatively scheduled to be the third stop on July 2nd. If that date doesn't work and you're really interested in the event, they are scheduled to stop in St Louis the week prior. What exactly is the Film being toured? That's where you come in.

New Belgium is asking you, America's professional beer drinkers and amateur filmmakers, to create a short film (10 seconds to 10 minutes) that you will submit to their YouTube group for a chance to have it cut in and featured along with other submissions. You need to be 21 and keep everything legit and clean to officially be considered. Your film needs to feature three things very important to New Belgium: craft beer, sustainability and whimsy. I might suggest just setting up your camera on a tripod pointed at Bull E Vard's back yard the next time his buddy Randy comes over to visit for a couple brews. There's no shortage of "whimsy" when those two get together.

If being featured in a film tour isn't enough for you, the top 3 will be rewarded with trips out to Fort Collins and the New Belgium facility.

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