Three Breweries, One Pint Glass

While stopping by the Flying Saucer yesterday to enjoy their new lunch special and stare longingly at plate #72, I noticed one of the boards referenced a Schlafly/O'Fallon collaboration that I was completely clueless on. KC is still recovering from collaboration fever after the Boulevard/Orval launch last week, a night that found me way too intoxicated to give an honest opinion on how I think their collaboration tastes.

While I have never been a big Schlafly supporter, I enjoy following their progress and revisit their offerings as my tastes continue to evolve. As for O'Fallon, I generally blame it's presence in my beer fridge on my wife, but I really can't get enough Wheach. It's probably my favorite beer to enjoy on a nice summer day, and the O'Fallon Pumpkin offering is the only beer I routinely buy at least a case of every year. So O'Fallon's involvement with Schlafly on a beer is definitely something I'm interested in putting in my mouth.

A brief internet search takes you to the Potable Curmudgeon, who has all the juicy details. Apparently this beer has a third partner in the form of New Albanian Brewing Company in New Albany, IN. The details of the brew are as follows:
We're calling it the C-Series for short so this is C-1. It will be a Oak Aged Dry Hopped Smoked Rye Pale Ale, 6.5% and 35 IBU.
Paul A. Ner took to saying this brew sounds "too busy." Being the poet I am, the term "gang bang in a glass" came to mind. I can't even imagine what something like this would taste like. Hopefully good since I will be in attendance to get my glass next Thursday, February 4.

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