Stand up for beer

There has been some accusations of homer-ism here as of late, and while Boulevard is in the picture, I make this post as a cry for help for all corked beers out there...


Shame on you Green Acres

If you've ever bought a bottle of Boulevard Smokestack or any number of other large, corked beers, you may have noticed a note saying to store them upright. Aside from the brewery asking you to store the bottle upright, there are other signs. Take for example the growing number of liquor stores that carry large sections of these beers upright on a shelf. Places like Lukas Liquor could easily setup wine racks to store these bottles like they do with their extensive wine selections, but they don't.

There's an article on Beer Advocate that goes into the possible reasons and advantages for storing beer upright, and how to store beer for aging as a whole. And just because you know how to store your beer, that doesn't mean when you ask your wife to throw that $25 bottle of Odell Woodcut (#3 in stores now!) in the fridge to chill that she will stand it up in the door rather than lay it down on the 2-liter rack. You need to shout this out to the world. Stand up for your beer.

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