Irish Style

Today the Shlafly Extra Stout will hit some Missouri liquor stores (listed below) and is well worth picking up so you can do some damage Irish Style. I already have plans for my sixer tonight.

I'm going to boil some cabbage to go with my first bottle. Irish Style!

With the second bottle I'm going to find some English soccer players and throw darts at them. Irish Style!

With the third bottle I'm going to find some punks and pummel them. Irish Style!

With the fourth bottle I'm going to do some dancing to The Elders. Irish Style!

On the fifth bottle I'm going to sit down to watch the Conan O'Brien Wake on NBC. Irish Style!

After the sixth bottle I'm going to puke in the gutter. Irish Style!

Schlafly Irish Style Extra Stout will only be available today at Bubbles in Gladstone, Red X, Gomer's Parkville, Gomer's Lee's Summit, Gomer's Midtown and Hy-Vee Englewood. It will be available in other Missouri stores next week. Kansas stores won't have it for a couple more weeks. It's well worth it when you find it, even if you don't drink it Irish Style.

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