Tank 7 Available

Our KC distributor has finally decided to load Boulevard Tank 7 onto their trucks today so it will be available at any store in the area that is receiving their Boulevard shipment today. This will make Stella very happy.

It should be available at $6.99 to $8.99 at any Boulevard retailer by the end of the week. Call it out in comments where you find it and at what price.

Update: Some people are getting screwed buying these at $11.99. Gomer's in Lenexa will have them tomorrow at $7.59. If you see them at the higher price point, the retailer is either confused or trying to gouge you a little for being an early adopter. Let us know where you're seeing it and at what price and let the retailer know they should be charging the same amount as they do for the other regular Smokestack series beer.

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